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Disney & Anime Mini Backpacks

Listen up, you guys—when it comes to truly representing your love for your favorite shows, movies, anime, games, books, bands, and more, we actually happen to believe that a little bit can go a long way.

We know, we know—coming from us, that probably sounds ridiculous since we’re usually total fans of going all out to rep your love for the stuff you’re obsessed with. This time, though, we brought something a little different into the mix (emphasis on the word little).

Meet Hot Topic’s Mini Backpack Collection—a big ol’ collection of teeny tiny bags that are guaranteed to change your life (and your fandom) in a giant way. You know us, we’re all about helping you bring your love for your favorites to life—that’s why we’ve curated this must-have collection of mini backpacks to help bring your fandom into the world in a teeny-tiny-totally-awesome package.

Love a subtle touch of your fandom flair? Us too. No matter what your obsession, fixation, or pop culture fave might be, we’ve got a mini backpack just waiting in our collection for you.

Totally in love with Disney? Yeah, we’re right there with you. Check out our fun, adorable, and super functional bags like our Loungefly Disney Cats Mini Backpack, our Loungefly Disney Pixar The Incredibles 2 Color-Block Mini Backpack, or even our Loungefly Disney Winnie the Pooh Sketch Mini Backpack. Didn’t see your Disney obsession listed? Start scrolling—we’ve got an entire collection filled with them!

How about other fun faves like Umbrella Academy, Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service, Harry Potter, Naruto Shippuden, Invader Zim, and so much more? We’ve got our collection of tiny bags totally stocked! So, start scrolling and get start shopping—you’ll see how these teeny bags can make a pretty big splash.

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